One of the questions that is asked time and time again, is how do you know that what you are buying on line is genuine? There are many ways to find out if your Pokemon cards are genuine.

What recourse do you have if you find that they are fake or are not quite what you were after?

If you have paid by Paypal, you can always put in a dispute and say that the cards were not as described. If they say that they are Pokemon cards, and yet, they are not legitimate, then they are not really “Pokemon cards” Paypal should refund your money.

Australian Consumer Law protects you from this type of Scam as well. If you find people selling fake or shoddy cards, you can report them to Pokemon Support who will then take appropriate action.

Remember that fake cards, apart from ripping off the original owners, are usually cheap, shoddy and will fall apart in a few days. Most kids that have them to play with will trade them for almost nothing, as they are not durable.

You can buy Genuine Pokemon Cards online on this site with no worries whatsoever.