One of the better cards in the new Fates Collide expansion is the Genesect – EX. It has an XP of 180, a fantastic ability called Drive Change, and Rapid Blaster, a powerful 100 attack that used carefully can destroy even the most powerful Pokémon.

Drive Change describes that once before your attack and injuring your turn you may attach a Pokémon tool card in your hand.

The Rapid Blaster is a 100 defence where you can discard as many energy cards Attached to this Pokémon as you like. This attack will do 20 more damage for each energy card that you decide to discard in that way.

It is a very powerful new card, and we are excited to have it in the new Fates Collide booster pack. For more tips and tricks on how to get the most out of this Pokémon card, visit Poké at the following link: