Please note that this is no longer valid as we have run out of stock and have ordered more. If you have purchased over $75 and would still like the card send to you, We are restocking and can send it out at a later date.

For  all of November, while stocks last, We are having a promotion.

For all purchases above $75(excluding postage), we will be sending out a FREE Ultra rare card (EX or Full Art. ).

All you need to do is check the stock availability (backorder is not in stock) of the Ultra rare cards below and if available, enter which card you would like in the Shipping section of Checkout and we will send that one to you. Only available cards will be included in this promotion. Other Ultra rare cards are not included.

Please note that this special will only be available while stocks last, so hurry up and order.

The available cards are:

Xerneas-EX -XY149 (sold out)

BW82 Deoxys-EX (sold)

85/124 Rayquaza-EX

Thundurus-EX – 38/116

Kyogre Ex 001

Groudon EX 002

Reggigas Xy82

Black Kyurem XY80

Palkia – XY75

White Kyurem xy81

More coming