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Pikachu Libre Trainer kit

Pikachu Training Kit

One of the most confusing aspects of buying a gift for your child is knowing what they want, and what they will like.

If your kids are interested in Pokemon Cards, then we are experts, and we can help!

Has your child played Pokemon before, or are they a beginner?

For beginners:

Recommended present:

For the younger Pokemon fans, you can try a Pokemon lunchbox tin.

Pokemon Collector’s Lunchbox Chest 2015.

and a five pack  of the new set of boosters

NEW SET!!!!! Pokemon cards – XY Evolutions 5 pack $5.50 per booster pack – Free shipping

Another gift to start them off, a great way to do this is to buy the pocket sized album

POKEMON TCG XY Evolutions Collectors Album.

This is a pocket sized album that hods 60 cards. It also has an Evolutions Booster pack to start them off as well.

Then you can either get them some booster packs (packs of 10 cards)

10 pack of Pokemon Evolutions booster packs (100 cards)


5 pack of Pokemon Evolutions booster packs (50 cards)

Or alternately, you you can get

(from November 19th)

Pokemon Cards XY Evolutions Elite Trainer Box ($75)

If your child is only starting out with the Pokémon trading card game, one of the better ways for them to learn is to purchase a Trainer Kit. Click on the link above to see the fantastic things included in the new trainer box. Your kids will be ecstatic.

This will be arriving around the 3rd of November. (please note these have been delayed until the middle of the month)


Pikachu Trainer Kit ($24.95)


10 pack of booster packs (like you see in the stores)

The trainer kit will set you back $24.95 and the booster packs will be $55 (you can also get 5 booster packs for $27.50)
If your child is only starting out with the Pokémon trading card game, one of the better ways for them to learn is to purchase a Trainer Kit.

We have a two player learn to play Trainer Kit which features Pikachu libre and Suicune.This kit contains:

  • 2 x 30 card decks
  • 2 x guided game booklets to teach them how to play
  • a two player play mat with great tips and rules on the reverse side
  • damage counters and special condition markers
  • a coin with a cool Pokémon design
  • an illustrated deck box to keep their new cards in the code card to play Pokémon TGC online

For more experienced players:

Recommended presents:

10 booster packs ($55.00)


an EX card (if we have any in stock – they sell out fast – from $5 to $70 for one card))


Booster Box – $175 – as there are 36 booster packs in the box, you can give a certain amount as presents and use the others to trickle out as rewards for doing chores (for example).

There is a very wide range to choose from if your child has already started playing the Pokémon trading card game.


Mega Alakazam EX

An easy option is to purchase what are called “booster packs”. Each one of these packs contain 10 random cards and can contain some extremely exciting cards. The current booster pack boxes are called Steam Siege.

You can spend as little as $5.95 for one booster pack or up to $165 for a full 36 pack box for the ultimate birthday or Christmas present.

A nice surprise is to purchase several booster packs as well as some individual cards. These individual cards can range from two dollars up to over $50 for some of the rarer cards. Some of the most sought-after cards are called mega cards. These cards are more powerful and can have quite an advantage when playing Pokémon. Also very sought after are EX cards. Either of these will make your child a happy little camper!

secret rare Alakazam card

Secret rare Alakazam EX

If your child is interested in collecting rare Pokémon cards there is a type of card called a secret rare card. Secret rare cards are cards that are outside the natural ordering of Pokémon cards. For example, a set may be numbered 1/124 to 124/124. The secret rare card for that set is called Alakazam EX card. This card, (because it is a secret rare card) is numbered 125/124. This card is highly sought after and as such can be purchased for $29.95.

If you don’t mind letting your child know what is in store, you can always let them browse through the site and select whatever takes their fancy within your budget.

You should remember that because the EX, mega and secret rare cards are so sought after, we sell out nearly as fast as these cards arrive.