Where can I  find a list of Pokemon Full Art Trainer -Supporter cards?

We have been asked many times about which Full art Trainers or Supporters we have in stock, and in order to answer that question, we need to look at explaining what it is meant by Full Art Trainer -Supporter cards.

What are full art Pokemon cards?

Pokemon full art cards were in introduced in the Black and White Series of cards and are when  the image (or art ) takes up the whole card, rather than just the image window above the text. It has been reported that an average booster box will contain at least 2 Full Art cards in the box, which is around 1 chance in every 18 packs. That makes the Full Art cards very sought after.

While many (but not all) Secret Rares (cards numbered higher than the set number) are Full Art, the Pokemon company decided that the full art cards (in the english version) would be placed at the end of the numbering system.

So without delaying further, here is a list of Full Art Supporter Cards by set at the time of writing (English sets only):

Black and White series Full Art Supporter Cards

Noble Victories

N – The first Full art card to be released. Quite sought after purely from the fact that this was the first Supporter card to be released in a full art format.

Boundaries Crossed




Plasma Storm


N Full Art Trainer
Professor Juniper Full Art Trainer

Plasma Blast


XY Series Full Art Trainer -Supporter list

Roaring Skies



Ancient Origins




Giovanni’s Scheme

BREAKpoint – Skyla
Fates Collide – Team Rocket’s Handiwork
Steam Siege – Pokémon Ranger, Professor Sycamore
Evolutions – Brock’s Grit, Misty’s Determination
Alternate Arts – N, Hex Maniac, Blacksmith, Karen, Delinquent, Team Flare Grunt, Shauna
Sun & Moon – Ilima, Lillie, Professor Kukui, Team Skull Grunt
Guardians Rising – Hala, Hau, Mallow
Burning Shadows – Acerola, Guzma, Kiawe, Plumeria, Sophocles, Wicke
Shining Legends – Pokémon Breeder
Crimson Invasion – Gladion, Lusamine, Olivia
Ultra Prism – Cynthia, Gardenia, Lana, Lillie, Looker, Lusamine, Mars, Pokémon Fan Club, Volkner
Forbidden Light– Bonnie, Diantha, Ultra Recon Squad, CrasherW
Cosmic Eclipse – Apricorn Maker, Bill’s Maintenance, copycat, lisia, steven’s resolve, Tate and Liza, TV reporter, Underground expediditno
Dragon Majesty – Blaine’s Last stand, Zinnia
Lost thunder – Faba, Judge, Kahili, Mina, Morty, Professor elm’s Lecture, Whitney
Team Up – Brock’s Grit, Dana, Erika’s Hospitality, Evelyn, Ingo & emmet, Jasmine, Morgan, Nanu, Nina, Sabrina’s Suggestion
Unbroken Bonds -Green’s exploration, Janine, Koga’s trap, Molayne, red’s Challenge,Welder
Unified Minds – Blue’s tactics, channeler, Coach trainer, Grimsley, Misty’s Favor, Poke Maniac
Hidden Fates – Giovanni’s Exhile, Jessie & James, Lady, Aether Foundation Employee, Cynthia, Guzma,  Hiker

Cosmic Eclipse

Cynthia & Caitlin, Guzma & Hala, ,  Lillie’s Full Force,  Mallow & Lana, N’s Resolve, Professor Oak’s Setup, Red & Blue, Roller Skater

Sword and Shield (base)

#199 – Bede

#200 – Marnie

#201 – Professor’s Research

#202 – Team Yell Grunt

Rebel Clash

#189 – Boss’s Order

#190 – Milo

#191 – Oleana