What Pokemon cards should I buy my son/daughter – the parents conundrum.

Asking yourself “What to get a kid who likes Pokemon cards?”

Here we try to help with that issue from the smallest child to the astute adult collector.

While this may seem a relatively hard question to answer from the get go there are a few things that you need to ask of your son/daughter/granddaughter/grandchild/child that you are buying for:

  1. What is their age. the type of card you will get for a seven year old will be very different from the one you will get for a 15 year old.
  2. What do they do with the cards? Do they play the game, or do they just collect them for looking at/trading?
  3. What is their favourite Pokemon or their favourite type of Pokemon.

This guide will assume that the person getting the cards is collecting them, and not necessarily using them to complete. There will be a further post on competition card buying.

What pokemon cards to buy a child aged…

While there is no real age that children can begin to collect Pokemon cards, The age of the child you are buying for will determine what to buy for them. A child of 5 will not treat their cards the same way that a 15 year old or 25 year old may. Because of this, age will determine what you buy.

As even some modern cards such as the Hidden Fates Shiny Charizard card (which came out early 2019 and is still available today)  can be worth over $600 (Aus) to the right collector, it may pay to watch the children open the cards and extract any valuable ones for better storage.  (and no bringing to school  for trades).

While there will be some purists shouting “that ruins the fun of opening Booster packs”, it would still be akin to a child tearing up a winning $600 lottery ticket, so be alert, but not alarmed.

What Pokemon cards should I buy for a child aged 5/6/7/8

While the majority of children this age will be collecting the cards and maybe trading them at school, there will still be a few who will be wanting the cards for the Pokémon trading game. When looking for a gift for a child this age, you will need to know approximately how long the child has been interested in Pokémon. If the child is just starting out collecting trading cards, then it may be useful to get them a folio or four pocket Pokemon folder or even a nine pocket folder.

If the child already ready has a folder, either a few booster packs or a booster box of 36 packs could be a very happy surprise for them. It all depends on your budget. 

If your child has a particular favourite Pokemon card, it may be useful to purchase a few individual cards for them. For example, if they like Lucario, then simply search Lucario in our search bar and all the cards that we have in stock and available on backorder will appear.

One thing to make clear here, is not to buy fake Pokemon cards. The amount of fake cards on the market is astounding. Here in Australia, and around the world, if children find fake cards, they are either destroyed or traded for a pittance. Only buy from reputable sellers. Normally in Australia, anything bought at a $2 shop or variety store may be fake. If the price seems too good, it probably is.

The worst thing that can happen is for your child to come home from school with lots of fake cards that were traded for real ones. While talking to the parents involved may help, it is always a shame when other kids trade fakes knowingly. The best thing to do is school your child on which cards they cannot trade at school. any special (EX, GX, secret rare, rainbow rare or gold rare) cards should not leave the house without strict instructions that they are not to be traded. If they want to take them to school, put them in sleeves and write “no trading” and your phone number on the back with a sticker on the sleeve (not on the card). This will help identify bad trades with other parents if you need to.

This age is probably the most common for parents calling us to ask what to do when their child has traded their good cards for fake ones. Try to be aware of which cards they bring to school as it may help heartbreak further down the track.

If this has happened to you, feel free to call so we can discuss options.

What Pokemon cards should I buy my 9/10/11/12 year old?

Again, it will depend on what they are doing with the cards. If they are collecting, the same rules apply as for the younger generation, although, by now, they may have developed a liking for a specific Pokemon.

In this case, go to our search bar and search for the name of the Pokemon they are after.

Better still, let your child go through the site and in the top left of each picture is a heart shape. They can select their favourites and then this will then save into your wish list which is at the end of our menu. you can go through the wish list and add the ones that are within the budget to your cart to buy later.

If your child is starting to play the game against others, the best way for them to get a feel of how the game is played is to buy a few booster packs. At the end of each booster pack is a code card. This code card will allow the player to log onto the online game and it will give them 10 cards from the set they bought. The instructions are on the code card, and they can follow them to see how to play. they can also play against trainers which are not real people if you prefer them not to chat to others.

If they would like to build a deck, that is another post altogether. Just find out the cards they want if you can and search for them here.

If they are just starting their Pokemon journey, some booster packs or a booster box will usually do nicely. Feel free to ring us to or email to find out what is the latest set.

pokemon sleeves

What Pokemon cards should I buy my 13 (and up)  year old?

By this age, most children will be acquainted with the Pokemon card game. If they are just starting their Pokemon journey, some booster packs or a booster box will usually do nicely. Feel free to ring us to or email to find out what is the latest set. Also some form of folder or folio should help as well. You can get a 4 pocket Pokemon folder which is quite good to carry around and fits up to 80 cards, or a 9 poket folder which holds, more, but is the size of an A4 page. 

If the person you are buying a Pokemon present for knows what they like, you can also just do a pokemon search for the card they are after. Individual cards can also become a collectible, so ensure they are in sleeves and toploaders.